I wrote this whole lengthy thing about what it feels like to lose someone unexpectedly. Someone who did everything in the world for you without hesitation (except let you borrow his winter hat that you bought him). Someone you consider to be family, another brother you never really wanted but couldn’t imagine life without. But the truth is, there’s no way to describe what that feels like. So, I erased it all.

Today, it’s been 378 days since the last time I saw my best friend. Today it’s been 365 days since I found out I’d never get to see him again.



Top 5 of 2013

Surprise, surprise – this entry is late again. To be honest I just flat out forgot about it since I haven’t used this blog since August. But why not? Here’s my top 5 of 2013…

ellieme copy

Honorable Mention – Ellie Goulding // Halcyon Days Tour, Jan 23.

This just had to make the cut for two reasons: 1) Ellie Goulding can do 100% absolutely nothing wrong ever on the planet and 2) it’s basically a mirror selfie with Ellie. I win.


#5  – Icona Pop // Kiss Concert, Comcast Center, May 18.

There’s no back story to this photo. I just like it’s “I don’t cayuh, I luv it” vibes and so, it makes the list.


#4 – Marina + the Diamonds // Lonely Hearts Club TourCentral Park, May 29.


IMG_4381 copy

#3 – Enrique Iglesias // Jingle Ball, TD Garden, Dec 14.

How many iPhones does it take… I wish I had a picture to post of my first cell phone that my dad handed down to me. It was this gold hunk of plastic that was way too small for my giant hands. That has nothing to do with this photo I just wanted to point out that my first cell phone was gold. Here’s Enrique greeting some unworthy pre-pubescent peasants.

I suppose I should add that Jingle Ball was the best shooting experience I’ve ever had. And not just because Pete Wentz was there and I still secretly adore him. Well, not only because of that.


#2 – Charli XCX // Lonely Hearts Club TourCentral Park, May 29.

I’ve been serial posting this photo since I took it. Not really sure what it is about it since you can’t even see her face. I like the way the lights make her hair look all Little Mermaid-esque. Maybe that’s what it is. Yeah, that must be it. Anyway, this was my first time shooting in New York City. In the blazing daylight. After sprinting through Central Park to make it on time. Bet I looked cute.

IMG_3287-Edit copy

#1 – Paramore // Self-Titled Tour, DCU Center, Nov 15.

Literally all I remember thinking was that I was S.O.L. because I didn’t have time to switch lenses and I couldn’t fit Hayley Williams in the frame with that stupid road case prop (that I’m not sure how she doesn’t trip on every night) with the lens I was using. Clearly, she sensed my dismay and scooted down closer to said stupid prop allowing me to take this shot. In an instant, the stupid prop became a magical prop of joy and wonderment. Sidenote:  the other kid I was shooting with was so amped on Paramore he was actually sweating. (Question: On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad you do think it’s driving me insane that this is the only vertical photo in this post? Answer: Infinity.)

I shot a load of other shows this year and I’m very thankful for the people that always make it happen for me. You can see the rest of them here. You could also be a dear and purchase my second book, No Flash Volume II (I know, I’m SOooOoOo creative with naming things). It’s available as a breathtaking print book and as a mildly underwhelming eBook.

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The Essentials


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Beats For Days

K, guess I’ll do a Top 5 list of what I’ve been abusing on repeat as of late. Just FYI or let’s get real, FMI (for my information). If you turn the radio off (aka Rihanna and Taylor Swift) and look for actual music so many magical things happen. Oops I work for a radio station. Don’t fire me. But anyway, do yourself a favor and listen to these tracks…


Haim – Don’t Save Me

Foxes – Beauty Queen

Tove Lo – Habits

Charli XCX – Grins

Bonus: Burns – Lies

*Disclaimer: If you hate all of this it’s not my fault. It’s yours. And in my biased opinion you have bad taste.

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Pop Goes Central Park

ImageCharli XCX

Marina and the Diamonds + Charli XCX did a f@$%ing number on Central Park for the last Lonely Hearts Club date. Despite the fact that other photographers are pretentious a-holes, it was incredible to be able to shoot this show in NYC, on an amazing summer day, with 6,000 screaming teens at my back.

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Halcyon is the best / worst thing that ever happened to me.

[ Ellie Goulding // House of Blues, Boston ]

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Top 5 Snaps of the Year [2012 Edition]

Whupps, this blog is sort of late (no shock there). I can barely remember what happened this past year which is probably for the best and probably the reason for said blogging tardiness. I’ll spare you the forced wit and just start.

Honorable Mention: This pixelated junky Instagrammed iPhone photo of Lana Del Rey purely because I wish to be permanently bathed in the lights in the top part of this photo. Also because this was one of the single most hysterical concert-going experiences of my life and I don’t think enough people know about it. I’m not actually going to tell the story now so sorry for mentioning it. How annoying is it when people do that?



one-direction#5. One Direction (mostly): Okay, this isn’t a great photo so much as it was a borderline life-altering event hence it’s number five position. I don’t actually care that I’m about 50 years older than the oldest member of this band (ILY Harry) they are seriously so precious. Say what you will but if you don’t know all the words to That’s What Makes You Beautiful you’re lying about it. I hate that Zayn is missing from this but whatever, I guess even pop stars have to go to funerals. Full set →

Looking back, I actually had no idea that this photo was from 2012 which just goes to show how the year dragged on and on and on and on. Similar to how this post likely will so bow out now if you so choose.


#4. Karmin: I tried (no I didn’t) but I couldn’t make this entry without including these two babies. At this point I basically have a photographic catalog of their entire career which I told Amy – she wants to make a scrap book. I’m not into that. Pinking shears are an absolute abomination.  Anyways, Karmin were particularly on point at Jingle Ball this year I must say. By on point I mean Amy is still incredible and Nick has a new buff (albeit pale) physique. Ooh-la-la. Full set →

nicki minaj

#3. Nicki Minaj: I’ve completely blocked Summer Jam 2012 out of my mind after being man handled and scared to actual death by Ms. Minaj’s posse of sweatsuit-wearing giants. But these photos came out pretty decent so I’ll squeeze them into this lackluster countdown. Also, this was my first tango with my (not-so) new (anymore) camera so it’s somewhat of a milestone, I guess. Full set →


#2. Marina and the Diamonds: I bet you all thought this would be number 1, didn’t you? Let me rephrase, I bet you all thought this would be numbers 1-5, didn’t you? Curve ball. I can’t say exactly why this is my favorite of the six trillion photos of this poor girl I’ve taken this year (see here) but I always tell people it is and I can’t go back now. Maybe it’s because this was the first time I had witnessed her single-handedly take down the entire pop game in the flesh. Too much?  Full set →


#1. Coldplay: I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m basically betraying everything I believe in by making this photo number one. To be perfectly clear, this doesn’t mean I find the band any less suicide-inducing it just means this really is my favorite photo from the year. Nothing more, nothing less. Full set →

And that’s all she wrote. Here’s to 2013, a year when Britney Spears has promised to release a new album and I hereby resolve to die of joy upon its release (unless will.i.am has anything to do with it – then I just resolve to die). Hilarious, you thought I’d go this entire blog without mentioning Queen B.

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New Year.

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“Oh God, I’m Gonna Die Alone”

I was going to make a post for my newest set of photos of Marina and the Diamonds but I figured I’d simultaneously take the time to reflect back on how this year saw my progression from casual fan to person with actual mental problems. Seal the door on my padded cell and tighten the buckles on my straight jacket. Let’s journey back…

marina1July 30: Marina opened for Coldplay. I shot the show one night and “took my friend to see Coldplay” on the second night. Whoever thought I was there to be depressed to death by Coldplay was sadly (pun intended) mistaken. I’m sure at least the precious gay boy seated behind me (with his mom) sporting a Marina and the Diamonds t-shirt was on the same level as me.

Marina and the Diamonds / MeJuly 31: That’s right. Back to back encounters. My former place of employment hosts Marina for a lovely in-studio performance. I, hearing of this, bless myself with the sign of the cross as I can’t believe it is anything short of a God-given miracle. This day would go on to include Ms. Diamandis breaking into an a cappella version of 2 Become 1 exclusively for me and “Queen Spice.” Sorry, inside joke with M. Note: I’m aware that this photo is disgusting and I realize now that the shirt I’m wearing in it also is and have not worn it since.

August 17: This is where things go real downhill for me, you know, sanity wise as I hopped in my brand new car and drove to effing Philly for the Lonely Hearts Club Tour. I won’t say much more because that should be proof enough that I have issues and to be quite honest, if you’re still reading this you obviously do too.

August 19: I’ll start by clarifying that VERY few things will bring me to an amusement park. Oh god, the sheer amount of filth. This trip to Six Flags was a compromise that just so happened to work out in my favor. My friends would wait in line for 100 hours sweating like slobs and I’d be backstage at some radio show that “just so happened” to be going on that day. “Weren’t you just in Philly?” Yes, can we not talk about it? God.


marina3December 8: As you’re thinking “how long could this freak possibly go on for?!” – fear not, here’s where my journey on the crazy train comes to a screeching hault. Marina announces a Boston Lonely Hearts Club show (thanks, I didn’t just drive to Philly or anything). I gather up the friends I’ve managed to force my obsession (subtle TFJ reference) upon and head out for a night of binge drinking and fan-girling. Part 1 of that went so well that I don’t actually recall part 2. Had I known I was headed backstage post-show (humble brag) I probably would’ve stepped away from the vodka. JKLOLZ. Regarding this encounter with M, I will say the following: being on vocal rest makes people super funny and thus the people around them resort to whistling. Who let me take it there?! Shiniest pajamas ever, tho…


What else is there to say really besides to remind myself that I am no longer 16 years old and this sort of behavior is unacceptable in every single way. Let this blog post serve as a formal open apology to all of my friends for my digression into youth over the past few months.

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Imagine, tho.

unicorns-lisa-frankI think unicorns could be real. This has been plaguing my mind as of late and there’s only one person to blame: Lisa Frank. That is all.

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